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Had a rough start, yesterday, mostly because I was trying to write with almost no sleep. ... Not a good idea. And then, I've got this plot problem to climb over:

(Cross-posted from capriuni)

I need two things: to write this down, to cement what I do have, and to ask for brainstorming help, to grab hold of what I don't have.

I'd post this to NaNoWriMo.org's "Plot doctoring" forum, but the servers appear to be down, due to traffic overload. So I'll write this here, then copy and paste it to a thread there, later, in the wee hours, if I'm still stuck by then:

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Movie Party!

If anyone is interested in the movie party being held this comming weekend, visit the thread in the forms http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/1075379 for more information! :D



In case you haven't checked the forums, we're having a TGIO tomorrow (or, erm, later today since it's after midnight now...) at Waterside. We'll meet in the food court. ^_^ I posted directions in the forum thread. See you there!

Saturday write-in/meet-up thing?

I've posted this in the forums, too... but wanted to be sure I told people. I'd like to have more than 4 of us. ~_^

Meeting on SATURDAY 11/24!

So. How about 1pm at the Phoebus Coffee House?

It's in Phoebus, which is now incorporated into Hampton on the very southern end, near the bridge. I figure it's a central location, and it hasn't been open very long so shouldn't be too crowded. Plus it was recommended by Sarah of Sarah's Irish Pub across the street, so there you go. ~_^

If you want to check out their menu (they have sandwiches, etc, too) here's the website.

Maybe Alix can send a region-wide NaNo-mail? We need to try and get together before the end!

A few questions, just out of curiousity:

All questions only about the good parts, since we probably all need an inspiration boost right about now:

  1. How do you like your novel, so far?

  2. What do you think is its strongest point?

  3. Does it look like it's turning into something you'll want to polish beyond this rough draft?

  4. What bits are the most fun to write?

Lion babies!

Not novel related.... but maybe a fun little distraction if you've got writer's block! ^_^

And this is why you should read my journal. There are more in there. ^_^

New region!

Hi everyone!

I'll send out an email once it actually happens, but Im so excited I have to tell SOMEONE.....

The Hampton Roads area is going to be made into its own NaNo region sometime this evening! :D

Edit: My bad, it exists already! *points* Go forth!

Current word counts?

I just hit 8162 words and am taking a mental break.... 5000 words in about 3 hours can make your brain feel melty! But I had to catch back up since I was gone all weekend...

Anyway, I thought I'd check on the rest of you. How are the word counts coming? Hope you're all well!

Oh, and did we ever decide on a place (and a for-sure time) for the Tuesday write-in, meet-up thing? 

Hey, I just had a thought:

My LJ user name is the same as my NaNo user name, but that might not be true for all of us...

How about we post our Nanowrimo user names, so we can add each other to our writing buddy lists, and follow our mutual progress through our profile pages, and cheer each other on with nanomail?

Or not. Totally optional, natch. :-)

As I said, I'm "CapriUni" here and "CapriUni" there -- lookie, lookie! I'm "CapriUni" everywhere!

(I'm also punchy... and should go to bed)

Yay! Swag!

Hi all! I got a nice nifty package from the Office of Letters and Light today, containing the fun NaNoSwag!

Sooo I was thinking that we would get together this Tuesday, maybe around 4-5? Anyone know of a good place to meet up that will have enough table space? I was going to say Laskin Borders, until I realized we would probably take all the chairs there.

Whos up for it?


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